Hope wakes from a nightmare. She dreams that Ava is in the hospital with Bo while he is sleeping and she gives him a lethal injection.  She lays her head back down and drifts off again. This time she dreams that Ava goes after Kayla. In the dream she sees Ava throw Kayla out of a window. Meanwhile Steve is walking the floors trying to figure out how to get Hope out of all this. He lies back on the bed and whispers to Kayla in his mind that when all this is over he promises he is going to sit down with her and tell her everything from the beginning.

He starts thinking back to when he and Ava was together when he thought his name was Patch. He starts banging on the door yelling for Angelo. When Angelo finally comes to the door Steve tells him that he needs to get help for Ava. Steve says she is sick and they really need to help her. Angelo tells him it is his fault she is sick and that if it weren’t for her he would have killed him by now.

Bo and Kayla are hoping that the video they got from security can help give them some clue as to where Steve and Hope are. They see cars going in and out of the parking lot. Kayla is getting inpatient when suddenly they spot Hope’s car but not with Hope driving. Bo spots Hope in the back seat of the car and gets furious but Kayla has to calm him down. He finds out the town where Ava’s family lives but Bo says it is a big town so they are going to have a problem finding them since they buy everything under aliases names.

He calls an informant that should know but when Bo doesn’t have enough cash to make the guy talk he starts to leave. Bo grabs him telling him these people have his wife and if he doesn’t tell him what he knows he will break him in two. The guy tells Bo OK, he didn’t know it was about his wife. He tells them about a place that the Vitali’s have in town. Kayla and Bo say that would be where they should look for them.

He says well wait, he says even if she is there it is dangerous and he said he could cause his wife to get killed. He says although even if she isn’t there she could still be a dead woman. The guy warns Bo that that place is built like a Fort with armed guards and even if he does get in he will probably end up dead too. When he leaves Kayla tells Bo if he walks out that door without her she will call the police. He agrees and says if she starts feeling anything she better let him know. She says she will but the same goes for him too.

Nicole is sleeping having a nice dream when Phillip wakes her knocking on her bedroom door. She tells him to go away but he barges in anyway. He tells her he knows what she did to Cloe. He tells her she must have over heard him and Cloe talking and then took it upon herself to call the Austrian Consulate on her. Nicole tells him to get out because she needs her beauty sleep. He tells her she isn’t going to get it there. He tells her to pack her bags and get out. She gets out of bed and tells him that Nicole always gives her the creeps.

He tells her to get out. She asks him how he can be so heartless. He says since she became such a vindictive bitch. She says she will see what her lawyer says about that and she picks up the phone to call him. She tells EJ she needs him and when he doesn’t want to come out in the middle of the night she tells him she can just get her another attorney if he doesn’t want the case. He tells her he will be right there. She tells him thank you and she knew he wouldn’t let her down. She smiles as she says that looking at Phillip.

When EJ gets there he tells Nicole and Phillip that the butler let him in but he wasn’t too happy about it. She says he is almost always like that but then again she thinks he has never liked her. EJ asks why she dragged him out in the middle of the night. She tells him because Phillip wants to throw her out in the middle of the night and wants to know can he do that. EJ tells Nicole that she can’t be kicked out and Phillip has to accept that. Phillip leaves the room, and to thank EJ Nicole tries to kiss EJ

Jan Barrett

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