Kayla talks to Daniel about getting out of the hospital tonight even though her doctor was going to release her tomorrow morning. She finally convinces him that she just wants to go home to sleep in her own bed tonight. He agrees to talk to her doctor and see what he can do. Lexi goes to see Kayla and she says after speaking with her doctor she thinks they can release her but only under one condition. Kayla says that if she goes home and goes straight to bed? Lexi says that is right. When Lexi leaves Kayla calls Caroline and asks her if she will do her a favor.

Steve asks Ava what she did with Kayla. She says she just took her somewhere else so they could be alone. She tells him not to tell her that what they had before wasn’t real. He says it was real. She says they just have to rekindle the fire again, that is all. She kisses him and then she asks him if it is all coming back to him. He says it is what they make of it. She tells him how she has been held prisoner and locked up like an animal. He tells her it is because she got sick, she says she got sick because of him.

She says her Daddy can be dealt with. She wants him to focus on them. She starts pulling on him til he jumps and backs off. She asks him if he is ok and he tells her it is the ribs that were hurt during the plane crash. He sits on the bed holding his ribs and she sits next to him looking worried. He gets up and walks away. She says he hates her doesn’t he. He says no, so she asks why he pulls away then. He told her it is because he is hurting from the crash. She starts feeling guilty because it was her fault that he was almost killed.

He asks her if she thinks he is the kind of man that could make love to a woman while his pregnant wife is just down the hall in another room. She looks at him and says he is going to have to make up his mind who he is in love with. He tells Ava he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore but tonight is just not going to happen for them. She says he is her one true love but she won’t wait forever for him, then she slaps him and leaves the room.

Steve finds a way out of the room and goes to find Hope. Hope doesn’t know it is Steve at the door and she almost hits him in the head but he stops her before she does. He tells her that Ava has given him some time to think about all this. Angelo finds Steve gone from his room and goes to Hope’s room and finds him there. He takes him back to his own room to separate the two of them.

John and Marlena are dancing and she catches herself dancing closer to him. She pulls away and realizes he is not the same man she is in love with. He calls her Doc and she asks him not to call her that. She says he is not him, he has his face and his body but he is not her John. He tells her but she wants her John back, and she says yes she wants her John. He says he thought they were going to start over. She says her feelings for him are all tangled up. She says she doesn’t think she will ever be able to look at him without hoping the old John will come back.

Marlena tells John she can’t deny that she is sexually attracted to him. She says she doesn’t know who she is without him so she thinks she has to get away and think. He asks her if she is leaving. She says yes she thinks so. He asks her where she would want to be, she says she doesn’t know but she knows that right now she knows she doesn’t want to be with him. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to go. He wants her to stay there with him. She asks him not to make this any harder on her than it already is.

He tells her he can tell that the reason she can’t be with him is because in her mind if she is then that would be like she is cheating on John. She looks at him with tears in her eyes and says that isn’t fair because he can read her mind but she has no idea what’s going on in his mind. She gets up to leave. She says this may not seem fair to him but she just can’t keep going on at the point. He leans over to kiss her and she pulls away. She looks at him and then she walks away.

Bo talks to Lexi about finding Hope. He says he has got to get out of there so he can look for her. Lexi tells him he can not leave the hospital yet. She asks him how come he doesn’t want the police involved in this. She wants to know just what is going on with Hope anyway. Bo argues with her until Daniel walks in. He asks Lexi if she would like a second opinion. She says yes she could use some help. He tells Bo that he needs to realize that he has managed to dodge the bullet here.

Bo tells Daniel that he would like to go home. Finally Daniel tells Bo he will let him go as soon as he can give him his post op instructions. Bo tells him thank you because he is kind of in a hurry to get out of there. When Daniel leaves Bo calls Caroline and asks her for a favor but tells her he needs it to be no questions asked.

Caroline heads to the hospital and picks up Bo and Kayla. In the car she asks them both if they are sure that they were actually discharged from the hospital. They ask her to take them to the Pub. She says they are both supposed to be home resting but they ask her to trust them and just take them to the Pub. When they get there Caroline begs them to tell her what is going on. They tell her that they can’t tell her anything right now. Later Bo tells Kayla that hospital security gave him the video from the hospital parking lot that day Hope disappeared.

Jan Barrett

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