Anna runs into Tony at Chez Rouge but she isn’t looking forward to seeing him with Kate or Morgan. She swallows her pride and asks the bartender for a Martini. When she orders it Tony hears her voice and goes over to the bar next to her.

Stephanie tells Max all about what is going on with Steve and Kayla. She tells him she is worried about what all this stress is going to do to her Mom and the baby. Max takes Stephanie out to the cemetery to visit Shawn’s grave. When they get back to the Pub he tells her that he always seems to find some sort of peace when he visits the grave. She says she got that same feeling and thanks him for taking her there. She says she feels like Grandpa Shawn is with her for sure.

Meanwhile Kayla is with Bo who wants desperately out of the hospital to go look for Hope. Kayla tells him he can’t go until he can get Daniel to discharge him. She tells him in the meantime she is going to go out and look for them herself. Bo says no way. He calls Victor and talks to him about helping but Victor says this is more powerful than he knows. He makes Bo promise not to take on this case if he gets out the hospital. Bo tells Kayla after Victor leaves that he has got to get out so he can find Hope and Steve. Kayla says ok but only if he lets her go with him. She says he will need a doctor around in case he has complications so he agrees. The nurse comes in and says their doctors are coming in and she says they might both be released. She sends Kayla back to her room to wait on her doctor.

Angelo brings Steve and Hope back to Ava’s room with what looks to be dinner service for two. Hope asks why she gets the feeling that the second plate is not for her. Just then the door opens and it is Ava with Angelo behind her. Ava is dressed in a sexy gown and tells Hope that is very prospective of her. Steve asks what is going on. She tells him that he and she are going to have a very intimate evening together and Kayla (Hope) gets to watch.

Ava helps Steve to a chair then orders Angelo to get Kayla a chair. Angelo handcuff’s Hope to a chair even though Steve protests. Ava tells Angelo to get lost but he thinks he should stay. She tells him to leave. When he is gone Ava pours two shots of whiskey, one for Steve and one for her and then she tells Steve she loves him as much today as she loved him before. She pulls up pictures on the computer of the two of them when they use to be together. Steve says that is enough pictures.

She tells him he better watch it unless he wants something to happen to his daughter. He tells her that his daughter is being watched. She says not anymore. He grabs her by the arm and asks what does that mean. She says she had her guy pay off his guy, that’s all. He tells her that every time she threatens his wife and his daughter she is taking one step farther from ever reconciling with him. She thinks about it and then says he is right, maybe she is going about this the wrong way. She wants to sit back down and continue talking about their past.

He starts thinking about things they done together in their past. Ava looks at him and asks him if he is starting to remember their life together. Ava and Steve both stand and he leans towards her. Hope starts calling his name trying to get his attention but he ignores her and kisses Ava. Hope tells Steve before he does anything he will regret she wants him to just do one favor for her and look into his back pocket. He reaches in his pocket and takes out a picture. Ava wants to know what that is. He says it is a picture of the baby. Hope says it is their baby. She asks him if he really wants to be cut off from this baby’s life like he was from Stephanie’s life. Steve thinks about it and then says he is sorry but this is where he belongs. Ava says she knew he would come around and then Steve kisses Ava again.

Morgan is at Chez Rouge with her father. She tells him she appreciates him inviting her to dinner. He tells her that she is still his little girl and besides he has it on high authority that things are going to work out just fine. He tells her that the person that got him into this mess is working on getting him out of it. She says she doesn’t know what she would do if he goes to prison. He tells her not to worry because he is not going to prison.

John and Marlena are having dinner and he is trying to get her to agree to them starting over. He thinks that since he has no memory of his past then why not start again together. She reminds him that he has a family but he says it isn’t one he remembers and apparently he never will. Anna walks up and interrupts their conversation. She asks for forgiveness for interrupting but she just wanted to say hi and then she sits down and starts flirting with John. John listens for a while, with Marlena sitting there taking all this in and finally he puts Anna in her place.

Anna is embarrassed and excuses herself after apologizing. John sees Tony go after Anna but he stops him. Marlena gets up and says she is going to check on Anna. John tells Tony not to continue ignoring Anna or he will lose her, despite the fact that he denies ignoring her. Marlena tells Anna she has nothing to worry about because Tony is crazy about her. She says she knows he loves her but he doesn’t know how to treat her even though she loves him.

While John has Tony there he tells him he has a favor to ask of him. He wants him to help Paul Hollingsworth out with a job in his company to help him rebuild his life once again. Later Tony tells Anna she doesn’t have to continue her performances like she did with John. He tells her she is trying to hard because she already has him. She says why so she can continue competing with all of his other women and stand in line to be with him. Then she walks away leaving him thinking.

Jan Barrett

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