John walks in and hears Rolf practicing with his speech trying to lose his accent. John tells him he doesn’t care what he does he just wants him to lose the accent because it gets on his nerves. Marlena comes in and John asks her to what does he owe this pleasure. Marlena just smiles. She is about to say something when she notices Rolf standing there. She asks him doesn’t he have something else to do. Rolf says no but John tells him to go. The doorbell rings and it is Sami and EJ. Marlena tells John that she got a call from Sami wanting her to meet them there.

When Sami comes in she tells Marlena they need their help with something. Sami explains that the immigration officer was harder on them this time. John doesn’t seem to understand what the problem will be if EJ does get deported. Sami tells Marlena obviously John won’t understand so maybe they should just go. Marlena tells her to give them a chance to help them. EJ tells Marlena that he has basically raised the twins since Lucas went to jail and he loves those kids. Sami tells her they have been having problems paying rent and now EJ has a job.

John thinks they just want money so he says even though all he seems to be doing lately is dishing out money to the family so what the hell. He asks how much do they need. Marlena tells John she can handle this one but Sami says it isn’t about the money. Things are a bit more complicated than that. She says don’t get her wrong, a little more money would help but it is more than just that. Since the immigration officer has a problem with them not living together. Marlena tells her she isn’t sure what they are getting at. Sami says, “Well Mom, we were hoping we could live with you”. Marlena is surprised. She tells them that her place isn’t really big enough but she says she could get a bigger place if it would help them out. Sami is surprised that she would do that for them.

Suddenly Marlena looks over at John and then she says she has changed her mind. John says that was fast. Marlena explains that right now is not the best time for them to move with her and the real estate sales is not so good right now so there is only one choice left for them other than moving with her. She says they will just have to move in with John. John speaks up and asks with him? EJ says oh they can’t do that. Sami tells Marlena that things are too weird for them to stay there. Then Sami suggests that Marlena move in with john too and then this would work. Marlena says she would have to talk to John about it. She goes over to him and asks him about it. She says they can be one big happy family. John smiles and says he will have to think about it.

Victor and Phillip are talking and Cloe walks in. Phillip tells her how nice she looks and then Chelsea walks in and they are all about to sit down to eat. Victor says he invited one more for dinner as the doorbell rings. Dr. Jonas walks in and they all welcome him as they sit down to eat. At the table Victor makes a toast to Phillip, Chelsea and to Daniel. The doorbell rings and Victor says he hates it when someone interrupts his meals, especially one that is as important as this one. Kate walks in and asks if she is interrupting. She says she is only there to check on Chelsea. Victor invites Kate to join them for dinner and even though she declines the offer they talk her into it.

Daniel tells Cloe that he caught one of her performances in Vienna when he was there. She tells him she doesn’t get to sing much anymore. He tells her that is a shame because she is a very talented young lady. She thanks him for the compliment. Daniel says she was the talk of the town. Victor says and they are still talking. Cloe is fed up with the insults and excuses herself from the table. Phillip just looks at Victor and then follows Cloe out of the dining room. He finds her sitting on the stairs and he tells her that she can’t let his father get to her. She says she is tired of everyone blaming her for Brady’s disappearance. She tells Phillip she wants an apology from his father. Phillip says he can’t see that ever happening.

Kate tells Victor now is not the time to get Cloe on his bad side. He says he is sorry but just having her in his home irritates him. She tells him but the more he alienates Cloe the more he is going to shove her right into Phillip’s arms and they don’t want that. He says that is true and no they don’t want that. Meanwhile Daniel is sitting at the table with Chelsea and he asks her what is going on since now he is confused. Chelsea tries to explain all the family connections, which only confuses him more.

Phillip and Cloe walk back in and Kate tells Victor that a real man would apologize. Victor does his version of an apology to Cloe but she doesn’t like it. Everyone tells her to take it because from Victor that is as good as it gets. As they all sit down to enjoy dessert the doorbell rings again and Victor is once again irritated about the interruption. Cloe and Victor argue more and then suddenly Nicole walks in with a puppy in her arms saying it looks like they are late.

Jan Barrett

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