Cordy and Stephanie talk to Chelsea and Nick about Ford going to Stephanie’s house. Cordy is upset because Ford called her a whore and threatened to tell everyone that about her if she continues passing the fliers around. Cordy can’t handle the pressure even though Chelsea tries to get her to keep going. She says she just can’t, she is scared of Ford. Stephanie takes Cordy home. Chelsea tells Nick she didn’t mean to make things harder for her. He says well not everyone is as strong as she is.

Chelsea tells Nick she needs his help in breaking into Ford Decker’s room. Nick asks her if she is serious. He tells her he is sorry but the answer is no. She tells Nick she can’t do this without him. He says he can’t do it. She says well thanks; she guesses this is his way of sticking with her. He tells her he lost her job last time he helped her. She says ok she understands and apologizes to her. She gets up to leave and he asks her where she is going. She tells him to stake out Ford’s room. Worried about her making a mistake and getting into trouble, Nick changes his mind and tells her they need food for them to eat during their stakeout.

Belle goes to see Marlena. She was worried about her since she never showed up for her wedding reception. Marlena is glad to see Belle and asks her how is married life. She wants to know if she is really happy. Belle looking puzzled isn’t quite sure what Marlena is asking her. Marlena says she wants to know if she is happy now or does she wish she had married someone else. She asks her what is this all about, she is in love with Shawn, and always has been, who else she would marry. Marlena tells her Phillip. She tells Marlena that she was married to Phillip once and she will always care for him, but they are just friends now.

Belle realizes that Hope told her the truth about her and Phillip. Marlena comes right out and asks her if she slept with Phillip. Belle denies it and says that Hope only assumed that. She twists it all around making it look like Hope lied to her about it. Marlena can see right through her so she tells her she has known Hope for a very long time and she does not lie. Belle asks if she is now saying that she does. Marlena tells her she has known her a very long time too and she knows when there is something she is not telling her and right now she is wondering what that is. Belle claims she only confessed to Hope and promised it to never happen again because she knew that Hope would never believe her anyway. Marlena tells Belle she can see herself out. She has some things to do, kind of in a cold manner, shocking Belle.

Marlena looks at her and asks her if there is something she wants to tell her. Belle tells her it hurts that she doesn’t believe her. Marlena tells her she is not usually so evasive and she can tell she has done something she is ashamed of. Marlena finally tells her about Hope hearing Phillip on her voice mail. She says she heard Phillip talk about her being with him the night before she married Shawn. Belle starts crying. She finally admits to Marlena about her and Phillip. Marlena asks her if she really wants her marriage to Shawn to work. She says yes more than anything, she meant every word of her vows to Shawn.

Marlena tells her then if that’s the case then she has a decision to make. She says being friends with Phillip just won’t work. If she wants her marriage to work she is going to have to give her friendship up with Phillip. Belle says she just doesn’t understand. She explains how Phillip takes care of her and always has things under control. She wishes Shawn had more confidence in his abilities. Marlena tells her she can’t have both men, she has to choose which one she wants. Belle says she loves Shawn and nothing will ever change that. Marlena tells her then she has to decide. Belle says she knows she has to decide. Marlena tells her to decide now before she ends up losing everything.

Bo lectures Shawn about his job and making mistakes. He tells Bo he will be more careful this time. He slips when they talk about him getting into the Police Academy by saying Belle wrote that letter to The Academy. Bo catches it right away. He is appalled when Shawn admits that it was Belle that wrote the letter. Bo asks him if he really trusts Belle. Bo can’t believe that Shawn would forgive Belle for doing this no matter what her reasons are. Shawn defends Belle to Bo, but Bo doesn’t fall for it. Shawn asks him what is it about Belle that he knows that he isn’t telling him. Bo doesn’t tell him what he is thinking.

Roman interrupts and sends Shawn to the pub to help run it while his grandfather is sick. Bo asks him how much did he hear of his conversation. He says enough to know it was a good time to stop them. He offers to go to the officer that yelled at Shawn and talk to him so Shawn doesn’t get written up for this but Bo thinks that would be a mistake, yet they both know if he gets written up it could keep him from getting into the academy. Bo is afraid if they do this then the guys on the force will not like it thinking they are making things easier for Shawn.

Jan Barrett

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