Like zombies returning from the dead, they rise and walk among us.

Just when we thought they were buried and forgotten, they dig their way

out of obscurity to invade and devour our minds, offending us with their putrid smell.

This is not some Hollywood “B” Monster movie.  This is Sick Celebrities Gone WIld!

They can’t exist without the lime light of the cameras, the adoring (sicko) fan base

and the media frenzy of flashbulbs. 

‘Fame’ they drool ‘Fame’, as a Zombie might call for ‘Brains’.


Two Celeb Zombies were seen attempting to crawl back from the depths of obscurity this week.  I speak of none other than OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson.


OJ, in particular, was an odorous slimey  return.  “If I Did It,
Here’s How It Happened” is his freshly blood stained book that he is pitching on TV like some late night infomercial of the macabre.  He will have an “interview” with his publisher, on Fox Television Network.  To find out how he did it without actually admitting he did it (through the use of the hypothetical ‘If’ word) you have to buy the book (of course!).  Do not do this dear readers.  This is beyond sickening and must not be encouraged.  It will lead to other mass murders doing ‘what if’ tell alls from within their jail cells (hey, OJ got away with murder, twice! why not me?)   The saddest thing is the additional burdens placed on the families of Nicole Brown  and Ron Goldman (I refuse to add his surname to Nicole’s!).  Denise Brown, Nicole’s sister said ” “It’s unfortunate that Simpson has decided to awaken a nightmare that we have painfully endured and worked so hard to move beyond.”  Fred Goldman, Ron’s father, on CNN “Larry King Live” put it simply and directly: Don’t watch the show, don’t buy the book, send a message loud and clear.”  I would add “Shame on you Fox Network.  You’ve sunk to a new low in ‘Reality’ TV.  Shame!”  


Oh, but we aren’t done fighting the monsters, dear readers!  Oh no!  We have to endure the ‘childish’ (!) antics of that creepy King of Popped.  Not only that, but instead of the promised rendition of ‘Thriller’ we were subjected to a warbly, off-note, cracked on the highs of “We are the World” … with, wait for it…  a choir of children.  So bizarre it can only be true!  I suppose he’s making a statement, but I certainly wasn’t thrilled by it! 






It sure is difficult to understand these acquited but universally recognized as guilty persona submitting themselves to further degradation.  I suppose once you’ve hit bottom you have no where to go but dig deeper.  Are we witnessing the early creation of Kevin Federline’s Infamous Biography (with free youtube download)?

For us it’s like an accident we ‘have’ to rubber neck over.  I’m begging you, don’t look! 

Zenny, Critic of the Theatre Absurd

posted by ZenShadow of ShadowWorld


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