Day 8 of the Cricket World Cup had two matches on e of which was where New Zealand took on Scotland and the other where South Africa took on Kenya.

Analysing the performance of the players using Naavi Cricket Rating (NCR) System specially developed for the World Cup, Gream Smith turned out to the NCR Hero of the day with 72 NCR points. With this, he moved to 7th position in the overall rankings for the title “NCR Man Of World Cup 2007”. The following table lists the top 10 in this raning on day 8.

Rank Points



1 220 Dwyane Smith West Indies
2 172 D Bravo West Indies
3 165 Scott Styris NewZealand
4 150 S Dhaniram Canada
5 144 Samulels West Indies
6 134 BRM Taylor Zimbabwe
7 126 G Smith South Africa


Niall O’Brien

9 103 Brad Hodge Australia
10 103 TBM de Leede Netherlands


NCR system is a unique rating system which tracks the laggards of the tournament along with the Heros. The NCR points table at the bottom reveals those players who have negatively contributed to their respective teams in the tournament.

 The top laggards of the world cup 2007 at the end of day 8 is as follows

Rank Rating Name Country
91 -11 J Patel NewZealand
  -11 Hamilton Scotland
92 -12 D Nel Scotland
93 -14 J Dalrymple England
94 -15 D Obuya Kenya
95 -18 B Zuiderant Netherlands


Azar Mahmood

97 -23 I Romaine Bermuda
98 -25 H Osinde Canada
99 -47 Odhiyambo Kenya

On day 8 it was D Nel of Scotland who with -12 points entered the laggards table as eight from the bottom. The King Laggard was however Mr Odhiyambo of Kenya who had -47 points to his discredit!

The Naavi Cricket Rating is a novel methodology ( which was first tested in the 1999 world cup and continue to be the lone “Closed Tournament Rating” in Cricket. Hopefully it would be a bench mark for unearthing the real hero of the World cup other than ICC system of player of the tournament which is heavily biased towards batsmen of top countires.


March 21, 2007

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