David Copperfield’s problems are compounding faster that than rabbits breeding in his Magicians hat. Although hard facts are scant, some are peculating their way through to the media. What we do know is that that there is a Seattle based investigation into some sexual indiscretions that supposedly occurred in the Bahamas last summer.

Of course what makes no sense at all is why the Fed’s would have a search warrant for David Copperfield’s warehouse in Las Vegas, where he keeps props and other magic related material. For a sexual indiscretion one would have assumed that the Fed’s would have been more interested in his home rather than his warehouse. One can only speculate as to the indiscretion, maybe he sawed the woman in half, and then demanded some sexual favor before he would put her back together?

The plot thickens though with a press release from Viva Art International Limited (Viva) and MAZ Concerts Inc. (MAZ). They have filed a civil lawsuit in the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, state of California against David Copperfield’s Disappearing Inc. (DCDI), for breach of contract for canceling his South East Asia Tour at the last minute.

Somehow I feel there is a connection, Copperfield’s PR people are being very tight lipped about all of the unfolding stories, however it does not take much rocket science to figure out that maybe David Copperfield is ‘unavailable’ to wander off to the Far East while this investigation is ongoing.

Simon Barrett


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