David Brooks, of the New York Times, complains that Conservative Leaders are Mean

Anyway, conservative voters aren’t listening to conservative leaders like Rush Limbaugh 

The NYT’s Favorite Republican, John McCain 

David Brooks of the New York Times pens a liberal Mainstream Media member’s wet dream of the opposition in today’s MSM flagship.

It’s hard to know where to begin on this one. Brooks’ take on McCain is a MSM equivalent of a sloppy kiss. No tongue this time; but there’s plenty time for that later.

Brooks’ talks yet again of the splintering of the conservative movement. To the David Brooks in the MSM, conservatism is just like the flip side of liberalism: just a bunch of people trying to get their hands on the levers of powers, no principles needed.

An oppositional mentality set in: if the liberals worried about global warming, it was necessary to regard it as a hoax. If The New York Times editorial page worried about waterboarding, then the code of conservative correctness required one to think it O.K.

Apostates and deviationists were expelled or found wanting, and the boundaries of acceptable thought narrowed. Moderate Republicans were expelled for squishiness. Millions of coastal suburbanites left the party in disgust.

Ah, to be David Brooks.

Ah, to write for the Times.

Where everyone who disagrees with your opinion of the world doing it for the sheer joy derived from opposing a liberal viewpoint.

That, of course, is just an interesting side benefit of thinking independently of the New York Times’ party line.

Just because liberals can shift in the course of years from believing the Earth is threatened with Global Cooling to their latest fad, Global Warming, doesn’t mean that those who take a more reasoned, longer look at the cycles of climate are of similar bent.

Conservatives have heard the Global Warming sideshow before: when it was Global Cooling. Because we don’t want the liberal’s favorite fix for everyting–more taxes, more government, more regulation–we are, in David Brooks’ eyes, opposing Global Warming for the sheer contrariness of it.

But what of John McCain, who in David Brooks’ view, the hope of a new conservative Rebirth?

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Why the New York Times Cries for John McCain 


Why the New York Times Cries for John McCain 

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