David Banda’s father, Yohane Banda, stated that many of the things Madonna has said about the adoption of his son was false, and that he was powerless to stop Madonna from adopting his son.

He says that his wife died from a complication related to childbirth, and that she had a been diagnosed with anaemia, and also had a physical condition which made childbirth very risky, and that was why she died during childbirth. He had two other children who died, one from malaria, and the other from unknown causes. Madonna had claimed that they had all died of complications related to HIV, however, none of them had even been tested, and so this was a false statement.

In addition to the lies about HIV, Yohane also stated that he had visited his son in the orphanage, quite often. Other relatives also visited David, including his grandparents and Yohane’s brother.

No one seems to know where the information came from. Yohane blamed the adoption agency, Home of Hope Orphan Care Centre, however they claimed that they had not given Madonna any information, and rather, had then accused the Malawi’s Ministry of Gender and Child Welfare.

Another big and new controversy, is religion. Yohane is Christian, and had baptized his son of Christian faith. However, Madonna plans on circumcising David, under the Kaballah religion, which follows Jewish customs, and circumcises boys. It is a very controversial custom in most countries.

David’s biological father, Yohanna Banda, 32, has already had David baptized as a Christian. He said, “This goes against the Christian religion and is not something we would ever consider in Africa. We don’t ever get circumcised here. I would urge her to think again.”

But Madonna considers David as her own son, even though the adoption has not been finalized, and even under the watchful eye of the human rights organizations. Madonna feels very strongly that they will not intervene in her adoption plans. And, in fact, Madonna has also claimed, in Celebrity News, that she plans on adopting a Malawian baby girl very quickly. The Australian couple who have almost completed the adoption of the girl they had been fostering seem convinced it is not their girl, however since this is the girl Madonna had her eyes on, and Madonna seems to think she is above the law and human rights organizations, and above the Malawian legal system, Madonna may try to get the baby Malawian girl, despite her odds.

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