It was with great sadness that I learned of Adam Dumphy’s demise. I think if I had to sum him up in one word it would be ‘Character’.

I first heard of him in 2011 when he published his then latest book, A Casebook Of Curious Cases.

David Adams proved a difficult man to track down. My wife had tried to locate him, but failed (and she is my key investigator). You can read the story here.

As I recall we shared a couple of emails and he told me to ‘go away’, but I did not. I was bound and determined to discover this quite splendid writer.

There was much about Adam Dumphy/David Adams to be discovered. I cannot say that I knew him well, But I can say that David Adams was indeed a character.

In 2003 he faced his biggest obstacle, the passing of his wife Irene. By my calculations they had been married for 54 years. That eclipses Jan and I by 47 years!

Adam Dumphy was very upset. But as the saying goes, life goes on. Rather than wallow in pity, he took to the keyboard. 21 books! That should be in the Guinness Book Of Records, it beats even Stephen King or Tom Clancy!

David Adams lived to write. He called me friend in an email, that actually meant a great deal.

Goodbye Adam Dumphy, but you have a friend for eternity. There is also this page about him.

Simon Barrett

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