The daughter of an asbestos victim that died from asbestos related cancer has won a compensation claim following the death of her father from exposure to asbestos at work. Her father was a railroad worker, which is how he came into contact with the potentially deadly asbestos.

Kenneth Crayford, who was a widower from the UK, died at the age of seventy nine in 2006. He had been diagnosed with the asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma, following exposure to asbestos during his career as a railroad worker.

His daughter, fifty year old Rachel Crayford, has now been awarded tens of thousands of pounds after filing a lawsuit for compensation from her father’s former employer, British Rail Engineering, where her father had worked between 1941 and 1985.

Rachel said that she was not going to claim at first, stating: “I knew I could claim because others had but I was not going to bother at first. I knew the hassle involved and I thought ‘I’m not going there.’ It was only when a neighbour told me I should claim and that I would be losing out if I didn’t, that I decided to go ahead with it.”

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