Sizmek apparently have fixed the latest ‘pop-up’ problem.

screen shot(1)
I have to admit I was pretty hot under the collar. Phone calls and emails went nowhere. It took two news articles to get their attention, you can read them here and here.
But could Sizmek do it again? Of course they could. What do Sizmek do? They serve those icky video ads that roll when you visit a well known website.

Many people have started using ad-blocking software, I am not keen on this idea, Much of the internet relies on advertising to exist. Ad-blockers punish everyone rather than targeting the guilty.

I spent a few minutes looking at Sizmek and their delivery vehicle
There is a file in Windows systems that has the innocuous name of ‘Hosts’, it lives in Windows/System32/Etc It is not a user friendly place to be. It takes an act of congress to edit it.

But adding the line will make Sizmek go away.

Hell that is a lot cheaper than an ad-blocker. Josh (the VP of being nice to victims) for Sizmek likely won’t enjoy this article. Josh, we have a comments section below, unlike Sizmek we welcome a frank discussion

Maybe we could start with how Sizmek enhances the user experience on the Web?

OK, that was a loaded question and way above your pay grade. So lets start with a simple one. Why is your help desk in the Philippines? Was it not possible to find qualified people here in the US?

Simon Barrett

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