In my earlier article (read here) I thought that the site was some sort of virus or malware. I can now say that it is neither of the above.

When I wrote the original article I was hot under the collar, I could not remove a pop-up from my computer, things got even worse when my wife started having the same problem. I have lost count of the number of times I have reloaded her computer due to malware, she loves to play silly games online and they seem to be a hotbed for unwanted toolbars and icky things. My assumption was that somehow I had picked up something on my local network.

Two calls to the customer support number for the owners of (Sizmek) had got me nowhere. And emails to the support group had gone unanswered. Most people at this point would give up and quietly grumble. I decided that it was time to get the big stick out.

Bloggernews may not be a well known or flashy web site but it has a powerful weapon, Google News. Within 2 hours of the article being published a gentleman from their tech support team called me, explaining that the problem was fixed. The next day I received an email from ‘head office’ explaining that it was a technical hitch and that hopefully it would reoccur.

While I do appreciate the care and concern shown, it is clear that had it not been for the article, I would still be in the dark.

Apparently the support line is for customers rather than victims!

What does Sizmek do anyway? And why were they just bought for $120 million? These are great questions. As best I can tell they are one of the companies that serve up those unwanted video ad’s when you visit a web site.

I find them irritating, but they are an integral part of how the internet is funded. If everyone was to install ‘ad blockers’ the internet would cease to be. It would be akin to TV and Radio Stations not running ad’s. Before long your channel choices would be limited to PBS and  QVC!

Anyway, I just wanted to clear the air I can say with conviction is not a virus.

Simon Barrett



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