After much success from their previous two albums, Animals and Robots and Mindwrestling, Das Vibenbass recently released their third, Fodakis through Hop Productions.

Hailing from Seattle, the grunge capitol of the world comes a quartet that infuses a bit of that gritty edge into bass and Vibe driven jazz. Das Vibenbass is a local favorite and can often be heard on Seattle’s own member supported, KEXP 90.3FM. Their recent tour of Germany, Austria and the Czech Rebulic has earned them an international fan base that has them screaming for Mehr!

Das Vibenbass is Uber talented! Josh Clifford’s quick popping tenor saxophone is reminiscent of Ornette Coleman, while Justin Sorensen reminds me a lot of long time Frank Zappa vibraphonist/percussionist Ed Mann. Round this out with Geof Larson’s versatile bass lines and “dirty” grooves and JC Bockman rhythmic and driving drum beats and you have one hell of a talented quartet that is bound to turn some ears up.

Fodakis as a whole is solid through and through. From the first Track “Ghost Runner on Third” (a playful driving track with a hell of a back beat) to the last “Elfman’s Lullaby”, (a haunting ride that takes some interesting twists and turns), the new CD features 10 tracks of captivating performances from this cutting edge Seattle quartet.

This CD won’t disappoint loyal fans and it will sure to generate new fans. I’m just so happy to hear a quartet with a vibraphonist again. It just may be worth the visit to the Pac Northwest just to see these guys play live. For the latest tour dates check out their website: .

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