It happened two years ago, but wasn’t made public until this week. Thanks to a Reddit user, it was revealed that Dark Horse Brewing Company based out of Marshall, Michigan had turned down an endorsement offering from the rock band Nickelback in 2010. Adweek reported this week that though Dark Horse owner David Morse knew that the deal would have made him a good amount of money, he stuck to his principals and had turned the offer down. Nickelback, who had a 2008 album titled “Dark Horse” wanted to feature the Dark Horse brand in a music video, that involved frat kids drinking their beer.

Having a distaste for the band was enough reason for Morse not to want to be associated with them, but apparently it was the lack of research that the band’s representation and marketing did about Dark Horse that sealed the deal. Apparently, Dark Horse was asked to let their cans be visual in the video. But there’s a problem with that. Dark Horse only bottles their beer, and this was the dead giveaway that the band’s representation conducted poor research.

Morse was also very vocal in making it clear that the Dark Horse brand does not stand for an association with a heavy imbibing college scene. He said that “…craft beer is not about frat parties and seeing how many beers you can pound down your throat”. This stance is common philosophy in the craft beer world, and it shows that companies like Dark Horse will go to respectful lengths to protect their brand and stance.

This recent news might actually come as a big booster for Morse and Dark Horse despite having turned down the offer back then. The news has gone viral rather quickly in the brewing and business world, and Morse says that more people are getting involved with the Dark Horse social media pages. How this will affect the Dark Horse brand in the future is not definite, but with all of the support, it’s looking to be promising.

Mike is a blogger out of Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as a promoter and contributor for Direct4tv. He keeps up with news in the worlds of small business, music and tech. 

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