According to a website a Danielle Staub “sex tape” is set to be released coinciding with the premiere of the second season of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Is this the infamous sex tape a judge temporarily blocked from distribution last June? We’ve got the details of what occurred after the temporary injunction, what “happened” to the tape, and the questions surrounding the origin of the “new” sex tape starring Danielle Staub and an “unknown” male.

Steve Jalewski and Kevin Maher

Steve Jalewski and Kevin Maher

Remember Real Housewives of New Jersey’s self-declared “born-again virgin” Danielle Staub’s “victory” in court last summer in late June when a judge ordered a temporary injunction blocking the release of a sex tape by Danielle’s ex-boyfriend Steve Jalewski? According to the site,, a Danielle Staub sexually explicit tape is set to be released “just in time” for the premiere of the new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey which airs on Bravo next Monday.

Steve Jalewski and Kevin Maher

According to CGL, they’ve seen the “45 minute Danielle Staub sex tape”:

The 45-minute tape shows Staub doing the deed with an ex beau who is presumably Steve Zalewski, who famously told another Housewife that Danielle was only good for blow jobs.

Viewers won’t get to see her displaying her talent for BJs, but they will get to see Staub’s pierced, Brazilianed twat riding atop Zalewski — along with some missionary, some doggy style, and some pile-driving. She’s quite talented.

She also definitely thinks she’s sexy, and you can tell that she really was enjoying herself. In it she’s taut and toned but her implants are a little wonky.

You really don’t see her partner’s face, just his condom-covered member. At least she’s practicing safe sex.

There’s some pertinent info missing from the CGL article, info such as, who released the sex tape, the distributor, or, where, if you’re interested in burning the images of Danielle Staub having sex into your retinas, you can find or purchase the purported “45 minute” sex video of Danielle Staub and an “unknown” male’s condom-covered penis.

CGL “presumes” the condom-covered member belongs to Danielle’s ex-boyfriend Steve Zalewski. According to Kevin Maher, Danielle’s ex-husband and subject of the infamous book, “Cop Without a Badge”, Maher, who flew to New York Wednesday to meet up with Steve in New Jersey for an informative luncheon meet-up, Steve believes it’s possible he’s not the unknown male in the sex tape.

On Thursday we spoke with Steve who, like us, is puzzled over the contents of the article published by CGL. Steve wonders where the sex tape originated from as, according to Steve, he hasn’t sold any sex tapes of Danielle or authorized the sale of the tapes. According to the Steve, the only other person who had, or has possession of sex tapes involving him and Danielle is Danielle Staub.

Steve told us he’s “99.9%” sure he’s not in the sex tape described by CGL based upon:

-In CGL’s description of the “45 minute” sexually explicit tape CGL previewed, CGL claimed viewers “won’t get to see her (Danielle) displaying her talent for BJs” which, according to Steve, doesn’t fit the “description” of the “46 minute” sex tape in his possession.

-Steve stated he hasn’t “sold” the sex tape or other sexually explicit sex tapes of Danielle, nor has Steve “authorized” anyone to distribute the materials and that Steve has no plans to do so.

-Steve stated no one has contacted him about the sex tapes to get his permission as the potential other “star” of the tape.

Steve also filled us in on the details pertaining to the infamous Danielle Staub “sex tape” case which “disappeared” from the news once a New Jersey judge issued a temporary injunction in June of 2009. The judge instructed Steve to not sell the tape and other sexually explicit material of Danielle in Steve’s possession. According to Steve, the temporary injunction expired one month later in late July.

Steve stated this all started with an interview with Star Magazine where Steve was quoted as saying he was “weighing his options” when he revealed he had in his possession, sexually explicit sex tapes of Danielle.

by Marlowe/LBG

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