The dangers of possible asbestos exposure in the automotive industry has been highlighted in the UK recently, with legal experts claiming that they are working on a case on behalf of one victim of asbestos diseases in the Birmingham area of the UK but that potentially there could be hundreds more from the same site.

One similar case began in 2007, when a worker at the Longbridge site in Birmingham was diagnosed with the asbestos cancer called mesothelioma at the age of fifty four. He died in 2008 but his family continued the fight for compensation.

A law firm in the area has now confirmed that they are dealing with another case on behalf of a man who also used to work at the Longbridge site, where vehicles were manufactured until the site closed. This new case involves a man that worked there in the 1960s.

The former worker has rceived a mesothelioma diagnosis, and his lawyer stated: “We have got a client who was exposed to asbestos dust and we are looking for witnesses. But this issue isn’t one that’s particular to one person. There could be hundreds of other people who are at risk.”

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