The James Bond movies have long been the de facto standard for state of the art special effects, and Quantum of Solace starring Daniel Craig as James Bond, and due out in late October would seem to be continuing the legacy.

As with all Bond movies the producers are being tight lipped about the special effects, but some technical details are emerging. And from a technical aspect it sounds more like Reagan’s Star Wars initiative than movie making.

Apparently there is one scene that requires (as the production company says) ‘Technically ambitious visual effects’. To achieve this one scene eight DALSA 4K with shutter synchronization were simultaneously employed. DALSA 4K’s are not exactly cheap to rent, according to the company web site, each camera is $5,000 a day, and I’ll bet by the time you have added all your optional extras that figure is a good deal higher. Multiplied by 8 you are looking at a fairly hefty rental bill for each day of shooting.

According to a production team spokesman the 8 DALSA 4K’s resulted in 3.8 gigabytes of image data per second! To put this in computer storage terms – the largest hard drive available is 1000 gigabytes (Terabyte), and under regular use could easily store over 250 full length DVD movies. These DALSA 4K digital cameras would fill it up with less than 5 minutes of images!

According to the press release on successful shooting of the scene the data packs were taken immediately to London for back up purposes. No, kidding! Having just spent a gazzilion dollars in equipment rentals I would be keen to have a backup copy as well.
Now that’s what I call a lot of data! It also means that no regular Tivo type recorder can be used with these cameras.

I can’t wait to see what this ‘secret’ scene is!

Simon Barrett

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