Wiley Tibetan separatist revolutionary, government-in-exile leader and conniving incarnation of the Buddhist bodhisattva of compassion, the Dalai Lama, has made good his threat and is planning to follow through on his first official visit to Angela Merkel’s Chancellery, despite The People’s Republic of China’s well intended call to cancel the visit.

Or to be more exact, international trouble-maker and German aggression monger Chancellor Angela Merkel is planning to follow through with welcoming the resourceful renegade despite the concerned Chinese warning.

The Chinese most humbly reminded Germany that HH (His Holiness or Hot Head, they forget) is “not simply a religious figure but a long-time and dishonorable political exile (we can’t remember from where) who is engaged in violent separatist activities. Okay, non-violent ones, but still.” The Chinese spokesman also added that China was not only against Germany’s contact with the Dalai Lama, it is fundamentally against any contact the Dalai Lama has with any country’s officials anywhere at anytime whatsoever just about anywhere you can imagine.

“We hope that Germany will consider the higher interest of Chinese-German relationships and not allow the Dalai Lama’s visit,” the smiling Chinese diplomat added, slowly waving thick bundles of fragrent euros through the air, tightly clutched in both sweaty fists, in large concentric circles.

Want tibet they meet anyway?

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