Tough as Jell-O as usual, the German government has once again “normalized” its relations with China after straining them severely by having had the gall to recently meet with and actually even talk to Tibetan terrorist separatist Buddhist hate monger the Dalai Lama himself. To celebrate the occasion, the Chancellery has made public a photograph of Chancellor Merkel personally showing Mr. Lama to the door.

And to celebrate that, Beijing has graciously allowed a new rail freight service to make its trail run from China to Germany in a mere 15 days. Being more than twice as fast as sea transport, it is believed that this new trans-Siberian line will make trade between Europe and Asia even easier than it is already and help China surpass Germany as the world’s third largest economic power even faster than many Germans had previously hoped.

“They’re going to cream us in no time now,” said one German economist. “We’re basically toast already, you know. But with this new train line getting jabbed into Hamburg like that, well, we might as well just roll over and die.”

It is unclear at this time what products Germany will be allowed to transport back to China on the return trip as the Chinese don’t let just any old product pass their borders. Many hope that at least a few boxcars of foreign criminals will be allowed to get dropped off in Siberia during the train’s journey back home, however.

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