Circumstances in my daily life have kept me from writing this for the last couple of days and so I am presenting a short version of The Daily Roundup before I jump into the latest news. We begin this edition with a trip to Germany where a man has filed a report with the police in Mainz (close to Frankfurt) after discovering a fingertip in a piece of Italian chocolate that he was eating.

According to the report that he filed, when he initially bit in he felt a bump that he thought was a nut only to realize moments later that it was a part of a finger. He took the fingertip to his family doctor who confirmed that it was indeed a finger and then took the finger to the police. The police aren’t naming the brand of chocolate that he was eating but anyone in the Italian chocolate industry who is missing a fingertip might want to take a trip to Germany.

Next up is a trip to South America where a grandfather is being hailed as a hero after he saved his grandson from certain death. The 66 year old grandfather, Joaquim Pereira, was driving home one day when he heard the screams of his 8 year old grandson. Immediately he leapt from the car and jumped into the ravine where he saw his son being attacked by an 80 pound, 15 foot long Anaconda. The snake had already begun wrapping itself around the boy and began to wrap itself around Pereira as well while he attacked it with rocks and a machete for half an hour before finally killing it.

“My grandfather is a hero — I was so afraid of dying,” said the eight year old Matheus Pereira de Araujo.

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