The dispute between Chinese Government and Google is slowly assuming the nature of a “Cyber World War” . Now Yahoo has expressed support with Google. If Microsoft also joins the alliance with Google, it would be like the alliance of US, UK and Russia against the Hitler’s regime. Other companies like Adobe, CISCO etc also need to stand up and take sides either for or against Chinese Government. This will be a struggle which will prove if Internet has the power to support democracy against a totalitarian government like China.

Presently China already has the source code of Windows current versions and it is perhaps been used to develop sophisticated viruses and trojans to attack the world. Miscrosoft should therefore withdraw its souce code sharing offer and quickly ensure that the Windows 7 next security patch makes it secure against organized hacking from China.

More than these resistance by individual companies, if the World has to bring down the Chinese Cyber War ambitions, it is necessary for ICANN to step in. A resolution must be passed in ICANN to isolate China from the Internet so that they cannot despatch their viruses to the Internet nor receive stolen data from outside China. For this purpose, all ISPs in China should be delinked from the DNS systems. This Internet embargo will hurt China economically. However the purpose of this embargo is more to ensure that the world is safe from the evil designs of China than to hurt it economically.

If this strategy succeeds in making a more law abiding nation, then Internet would have fulfilled its promise of ushering in a global democratic society against the threats of Governments like China or Burma.


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