Not long ago, in June this year a delegation of DIT officials and Justice Rajesh Tandon, the Chair Person of Cyber Appellate Tribunal attended an international Cyber Security Summit in London. Justice Tandon cancelled some important hearings to attend this summit. Now on November 1st and 2nd, another delegation is attending another Cyber Security meet in London and this time the delegation is being led by Mr Sachin Pilot.

In all such conferences the representatives will speak about the achievements of the country in the specific field.

It is interesting to note that DIT officials are always keen to attend the international meets but always find excuse if they are invited to attend similar events within India. The reasons are not far to seek.

When the DIT officials and the minsiter attends this Cyebr Security meet, I would like them to remember that the Government has failed miserably in the recent days to maintain a required level of Cyber Security preparedness in India and they should think twice before speaking of any achievements in front of the international delegates.

Firstly, DIT has failed to appreciate the China Risk in Cyber Security and allowed agencies suspected to be involved in Cyber espionage to be their partners in supply of critical IT infrastructure. The worst aspect is that Chinese companies are being enrolled as partners to IISc programme on Cyber Security which includes security certification of IT assets imported to the Country. Similarly Government owned companies like BSNL are in the forefront of purchases from China unmindful of the risk of Cyber debilitation of the country on a large scale if China is at any time at war with India. With security analysts predicting a Kargil type intrusion any time, DIT will have egg on its face soon for their national cyber security policies.

Recently DIT proposed some cyber security guidelines under Section 43A of ITA 2008 which made  corporate cyber security subordinated to ISO 27001 and imposed a liability of around Rs 30000 crores per annum if India Inc has to take compliance seriously. (Refer article: :Is India selling itself out to ISO 27001? :: Is DIT misleading the public? ) . Despite pointing out the unreasonableness of DIT sponsoring ISO 27001 which does not provide the necessary techno legal compliance assurance under ITA 2008, DIT officials were adamant to push through the notification.

When it was brought to the notice of DIT that it had closed down the legal institution that is responsible for protecting the citizens from the consequences of non- maintenance of Cyber Security in India by not appointing a Chair Person to Cyber Appellate Tribunal after Justice Rajesh Tandon retired at the end of June 30, 2011, a few days after he attended the previous London summit, no official showed interest in expediting the appointment. The ministers and everybody else is busy attending to the 2G scam issue and are not bothered about citizen issues. (refer articles: Status of Cyber Appellate Tribunal :: DIT/Ministry of Information Technology ignores public interest call )

Having demonstrated utter disregard to the requirements of Cyber Security in India, it is ironic that the delegation should be goign abroad and talking about our achievements. Obviously what they portray will be a falsse representation of what prevails in India.

Hope the delegation appreciates the short comings and confines itself to listen to others and not speak about our under achievements.

Government should also think if the over eagerness of DIT officials to attend foreign conferences need to be curbed so that they get some time to attend to their duties in India beyond attending to 2G scam white washing.


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