A prime example of the Republican con operations are their inconsistencies and lies connected with their cries to cut taxes and deficits while at the same time creating jobs. These three demands are completely incompatible. The Obama administration has cut the taxes of 95% of Americans. What the Republicans are fighting are the restoration of taxes for the super rich enacted by Bush which caused the the bulk of the deficits about which the Republicans are complaining. To make jobs available to Americans it is obvious that they must be funded and the super rich are not going to do that — they have been shipping jobs overseas to the Chinese and others who produce cheaper goods by cheating their workers.

If we want to produce jobs now for the bulk of our own workers we must fund them from our wealth taxes for the massive reconstruction needs of the country such as schools, bridges and sewers. The WPA did this under Roosevelt in our last depression and it worked! This pattern of protecting the richest 1 to 5% is built into our current tax systems — of many of our states as well as those of the nation as a whole. Pataki did this to us in NY and his current replacement has not caught on but is rather slashing essential services — education and medicine.

Nearly half of Americans are struggling now to keep food on the table, keep their homes, and pay for medical expenses which are major profit makers for our medical insurance corporations — see those ads constantly trying to sell you on one of them. WE are paying for those ads through increased medical costs and wildly rising rates.

What really gets to me are the constant personal attacks on those of us who are trying to tell things as they are. My previous blog was entitled: “Coping with [Republican] Smears and Lies!”

I have touched here only on a few of the totally inconsistent slogans with which we are assailed. As I have noted before, big lies repeated enough times tend to deceive people into believing them.

Beware the con artists and listen to those who care about people and not just their profits!

— “A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

Ed Kent [blind copies]

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