Actually I do not think so. I ran a short piece about him last November, at that time the Utah Police wanted him on a parole violation. I didn’t think it would take long for the cops to find him. He has what can only be described as ‘outstanding features’. The swastika and ‘Skin Head’ tats on his forehead are a bit of a giveaway. And sure enough it was not long before he was cooling his heels at the expense of the tax payers.

Curtis obviously was not happy with his situation in jail, and today decided to take it to the ‘next level’. Clearly Curtis Allgier has had a poor upbringing, and one can only speculate on how he managed to pay for all these rather strange tats. Complaining about ‘back pain’ he was taken to have an MRI at the University of Utah medical center. Although we don’t know the exact sequence of events, Curtis Allgier managed to free himself from the ‘plastic cuffs’ get hold of police officer Stephen Anderson’s gun and kill him!

Once out of the hospital Allgier car-jacked a Ford Explorer and went off on a high speed chase. It goes without saying that this was a short event. And where the hell was he going to hide? Not even the finest plastic surgeon could help this potential winner of the ‘Darwin Awards’.

With connections to the ‘White Supremacy’ movement, a horrible attitude, and now a murder rap, this is one guy that needs to be off the streets and maybe off the planet permanently. It will be interesting to see if the prosecutors go for the death sentence. Officer Stephen Anderson was 60 years old and had been a cop for 22 of those years, Curtis has only been alive for 27 years, and based on this episode I doubt he will ever see freedom again.

Simon Barrett



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