by Craig Dimitri

On Friday, November 17 – ten days after the election that propelled Democrats to take control of both houses of Congress – there were still six Republican-held districts, where the GOP is poised to retain control: five incumbents and the Republican candidate in a Florida open seat.

Of the 435 House seats, 428 now have certified winners, after Rep. John Barrow (D., Georgia) and Rep. Barbara Cubin (R., Wyoming) were declared as victors on Wednesday.  The following four Republican incumbents lead their challengers, and are likely to prevail, but it is still not certain: Heather Wilson (New Mexico), Robin Hayes (North Carolina), Deborah Pryce, and Jean Schmidt (the latter two from Ohio).  Although there are only 428 certified winners, partisan control of 429 seats has been resolved, because of a runoff between two Democrats in Louisiana.

In the open seat to replace outgoing Rep. Katharine Harris (R) in Florida, Republican Vern Stephens leads Democrat Christine Jennings, in a recount that will likely take weeks to resolve.

There will also be two runoffs, but as mentioned earlier, one is between two Democrats in Louisiana, so Democrats are assured of holding it.  The other is between Republican incumbent Henry Bonilla of Texas and his Democratic challenger, former Rep. Ciro Rodriguez. 

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