I felt it necessary to make one more post in general about the current situation in South Africa before I embark on my weekly “political analyses.” The reasons will become clear with this post. I will also discuss the category under which these posts have been made with the administrators of the site as I fear that “humor” might deduct from the significance of these events. As result of Jonn’s comment on my previous post I am addressing two distinct camps as well as a few other issues.

The ANC politicians, mostly people that were in exile during the struggle, who should have remained in the host countries because they are not earnest in their efforts of governing South Africa. They have lost sight, the smell, the sound and the very nature of South Africa locked away in their palatial offices protected by an entourage of bodyguards and brown-nosed advisors. They all secretly know that this state of affairs can not last and are merrily filling up their bank accounts for the eventual and guaranteed axe that will fall. When forced into the public eye because of exposed corruption, incompetence and criminal activity they will, without fail, end up with both feet firmly in their mouths.

It is rather impressive to see how quickly some freedom fighters went from being just that and turned into wealthy businessmen and/or politicians. In this fast advancement they seem to have forgotten what it was they were fighting for. Even I have read The Freedom Charter which, just as a by the way is not a bad document at all, and I am just wondering what happened to those fundamental rights proclaimed in it.

The PC Liberals that supported these oafs during the struggle and now cling onto a dream that have been proven over and over that its just pie in the sky i.e. a free and just South Africa for all. Like communists the world over, who needed intensive counselling when the wall came down, these people tenaciously cling to old beliefs and causes because they have no other valid reason for existence. They merrily propagate anti-white sentiments because that is all they know and they do this with the full knowledge and understanding that it can lead to genocide. They secretly hope that they will be spared when the “night of the long knives” actually does take place. In my mind that amounts to premeditated murder on a full-blown scale.

I’m not pro-apartheid and my book is valid proof of this. I will also never retract what I’ve written but to have generation after generation account for the sins of the fathers because their heroes have no aims, goals, visions or objectives and have to resort to bashing any sane critic as to hide their shortcomings, borders on criminal insanity. I’m also not pro having the most beautiful country in the world being governed by greedy, ignorant and incompetent oafs. I can not sit back and do nothing because I am safe in Sweden when my family, friends and kind are being slaughtered by incompetence. In a democracy it’s every citizen’s right to be protected by law enforcement. Why then are the average South African denied this basic human right and everyone turns a blind eye to their predicament?

The rest of the World’s attitude remains “the more we ignore this embarrassment, the higher the possibility of it going away.” I have news for you. It won’t go away and you will be judged for your indifference. Let me once again quote Dante Alighieri for you “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crisis maintain their neutrality.”

“But, how do we get involved?” you may ask. The answer is so simple that it might surprise some. The same way that sane people got rid of the monster called apartheid. By forming pressure groups, like the anti-apartheid movement, and forcing your politicians to take an official stance on corruption and incompetence. Trade sanctions and cutting off international aid might not be a bad idea as a start.

Cutting off Aid? No I’m not insane. Let me explain the realities on the ground. Solidarity movements and non-governmental organisations owe their livelihood, existence and continued employment of members based on your contributions. They have done a sterling job in the past and in most cases still do (and I’m not referring to organisations like the International Red Cross or World Food Aid Program here) but there are a few that don’t tell you the whole truth. The facts of the matter are that your well-meant contributions never get close to the intended target.

Let’s take contributions towards AIDS sufferers as one example. In South Africa, the ruling party, the ANC, made it government policy, soon after they came to power, that all non-governmental funding should be channelled through the government. Read that again as, as ludicrous as it might sound, it’s true. That means that the politicians, I’m so critical about, control where your contributions go. I would really like to hear of any other reason for this than the one I have in mind. It is also government policy not to supply anti-retroviral drugs to HIV positive people and AIDS sufferers. Pray tell then…why do you contribute? The people afflicted with this horrible disease will die, without dignity or care, in any event no matter how many millions you pump in out of the goodness of your hearts.

If you want to contribute to a worthwhile cause, try the Sexually Abused Children in South Africa. No politician can get their grubby paws on this one.

It is not surprising that some solidarity movements don’t tell you the truth because some still maintain that Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is a misunderstood saint. They have to, else they are without a cause and thus unemployed.   

Do not wait for yet another 3 million mortalities before you act. It is time to wipe the slate clean and not to see the ANC as the lesser of two evils that should be accommodated because there is no alternative. There is. It’s called true democracy with political accountability. This can be monitored and implemented by the rest of the civilised world if the leaders, as is now the case, are incapable of doing so. The same applies for defunct non-governmental organisations. Their cause is long dead in history and your donations keep them alive.

Gerrie Hugo is a South African living in Sweden who considers polka dot suspenders with a belt and matching clip-on bow-tie the height of fashion. Visit his Blog: http://gerthugo.blogspot.com/

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