The week that was can be described as a plethora of indescribable political antics.

South Africa is now the leader in the world as far as child rape is concerned and that includes countries at war! What do they do about this? Not what I expected sane people to do. No, they deemed it fit to disband the police child-protection unit for reasons only to be found in the dark cobwebbed recesses of their brains. 

As I am too embarrassed to even the discuss this week’s political clowning around in the country of my birth, I will only post my opinion of a matter that dominates most of the news headlines. 

What a #X&#&! Farce!

A fierce debate is raging in South Africa as to whether the Sunday Times had the right to expose the Minister for Health’s medical records for the sake of public interest. The right of the people to know is weighed up against doctor-patient privilege. Even academics and usually sane people are involved in this furore. As sure as God made little apples this will end up in a court battle that should lead to the dismissal of either the minister or the editor but I am not holding my breath as to either eventuality. I can just picture the legal representation of all parties concerned rubbing their hands together in anticipation of the fees involved.

In the blue corner we have the Sunday Times and the red corner the government and more specifically the Minister for Health. A woman who fails to realise that she will be much better served if she can just keep her yap shut for a few minutes at any given time.

Hey Manto! Do you honestly believe that the rest of the world considers you as someone to be taken serious? Go and play Dr. Mengele with a few thousand more AIDS sufferers and let them eat beetroot and garlic. Maybe one will surprise the crap out of you and recover.

The President can not do the rational thing and suspend this specimen, masquerading as a servant of the people, until such a time that a thorough investigation have been carried out covering all aspects of the allegations levelled against her. Nope, that is too much to ask. He will not even consider an investigation because the allegations came from a newspaper.

You see, criticism of the ANC is heresy as preached by their authority figures and will be brushed aside by each and every means at their disposal.

The minister’s alleged theft gets swept under the carpet as of no importance because it happened a long time ago (70’s) in another country. I know South African society and how they view people with criminal records. As a general rule they do not get employment let alone voted into public office. Why should this minister then be allowed to levitate above the law and elevated to godly status?

Come on Thabo! Do the right thing. Ignore her medical condition, place her on immediate suspension, get hold of her criminal record, conduct a thorough investigation of all accusations and fire the woman if the allegations are found to be true. One can always start by going back to your own records, how hundreds of cadres died of malaria in the ANC camps because someone was too lazy and disorganised to place a simple order for quinine.

There is no need to debate the matter further. This whole situation is turning into a farce and I’m beginning to believe that you are actually related to Robert Mugabe. The resemblance in attitude is too apparent to be coincidental.

And then we have the Sunday Times who have exposed all of this because they honestly believe in the people’s right to know.

Ja, right and I don’t fart!

Sensationalism and newspaper sales play absolutely no role in this whatsoever.

There is a misleading notion that journalists are people with highly developed values and norms and that they consider “the people’s right to know” as their first and foremost quest in life.

Good Lord, people!

The term “journalism” does not equal sainthood. It describes an icky career in which very few ever make a real contribution to society. A dog eat dog career that is known for deadlines, fierce competition, sensationalism, inaccuracies, scoops and the quick gratification of seeing their names in print.

They get paid for what they write and how well that sells the newspaper. Do not labour under the illusion that a journalist considers “the peoples right to know” of any importance when chasing a story. That term is legal jargon for total insensitivity when ruining another person’s life and they are quick to hide behind it.

Why do we all not wade through this crap and see it for what it is. Even though well disguised and served up as figs, it’s still a load of fresh horse manure.

In my mind none of the parties in this dispute are right. All have abused their power and the trust placed in them by the people.

The Sunday Times knows the current ANC leadership and knew that this would be the attitude. Why did they not take their information to somebody that could have used it effectively and ensured an investigation? Even an international body if none could be found in South Africa.

As for the government; what can one say? Nothing surprises me anymore. A bunch of crooked misfits who have tainted the image of the struggle that got rid of apartheid forever and puts the names of Nelson Mandela and Govan Mbeki to shame. Have they no moral fibre or remorse?

This hogwash of a dispute, and not the real issues, will remain news headlines for weeks to come and the plight of sexually abused children and HIV/AIDS sufferers will be ignored.

I feel sick to my stomach.


Gerrie Hugo is a South African living in Sweden who considers polka dot suspenders with a belt and matching clip-on bow-tie the height of fashion. Visit his Blog: 



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