As usual the Mail & Guardian cartoon by Zapiro sums it up quite nicely. 

There are plenty valid reasons to call for and insist on an immediate termination of the ANC government in South Africa. Even their staunch allies, the Swedes, now turn their backs on the ANC.

That alone should be reason for some serious introspection. Let us however push the known reasons aside and list a few more that are probably a lot more sinister.

It is deemed fit to prosecute a few “apartheid” offenders. That is fine and probably long overdue but at the same time files of ANC leaders who were denied amnesty by the TRC are now missing.

This does not say much for reconciliation and if true, I begin to side with the white people who believe that there is an orchestrated campaign against them.

In the event of somebody else having a valid different opinion then I would like to hear about it.

The government is trying to hide their incompetence behind scaremongering.

All of a sudden their Intelligence Services have now uncovered a conspiracy that aim to destabilise the state. I seriously doubt that, as their Intelligence Services are not known to be able to recognise a plot if it came up and bit them on the behind whilst in the pub. (The normal venue where most of their collection of intelligence takes place)

Is this not an attempt to infringe on the constitutional right of people by implementing draconian measures?

Put forward a threat as well as counter measures which entail invasion of privacy and denial of human rights.

Is that not what Colin Powell did in Iraq and Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe?

Be warned. This will be the next step.

Coerced silence as preached by authority figures does not bode well for democracy. “If you are not with us then you are against us.”

Trade union leader’s criticism of the unfair dismissal of a deputy minister leads to a quick rap on the knuckles from the president himself and then they withdraw their initial valid complaint.

Hitler used those tactics.

Any one with a bit of intellect that questions government stupidity gets ostracized.

Pol Pot used that one.

The official presidential spokesperson, Rat S**t Anga (sorry that is Ratshitanga – my mistake), now promotes a full-frontal lobotomy as room for improvement of political figures.

“The President knew her style from when she was deputy minister of Defence. If he didn’t like it, why did he appoint her to the post of deputy Health minister?

She, like other human beings, is capable of improving.”

The worst failure however, which should galvanise the world into action, is the fact that the current politicians have no other vision than seeing how many zeros can be added to their bank account balances before their term of office runs out. They have no known vision for the future of South Africa and their stance on the plight of sexually abused children reflects this.    

I can find no reference to any active participation of the political leaders regarding prevention and intervention of child abuse. (I’m not saying there are none – I’m just stating that it is in no obvious place like a newspaper headline) Suggested legislation and amendments do not count. Any idiot can make a suggestion and then expect others to follow up. This issue seems to be on the “pending pile” and will remain there if somebody does not wake up.

Since quite a substantial numbers of rape cases originate from an environment that’s run by the Government namely the school, one could have hoped that every single politician should personally get involved in serious effort to ensure a safe school for every child. The report from 2006 by Human Rights Watch gives ample proof of this. And so far, the reaction to a very serious problem is a deafening governmental silence.

As I am not known for my tact I will put it another way; the current South African politicians do not seem to even regard the protection of children as one of their responsibilities and could not care less.

This plight is left to understaffed, underpaid and under funded charities, non-governmental organisations and other organisations like SASPSCAN, Child Care, Childline SA, Rape Crisis etc.

Please donate to their cause!

These organisations should be lauded and given our outmost support. But having said this, I maintain that it’s a sad and appalling fact that organisations like these are needed. We’re addressing a massive, national trauma that will continue for generations to come. Isn’t it therefore an issue for the politicians elected by the people of South Africa to get involved in right now?

If I was a politician I would shout the figures, which are known, from the rooftops and ensure that a large part of my budget is channelled into the future of my country instead of spending all of my time protecting an alcoholic thief that happens to be the current Minister for Health.

What an idiotic legacy to leave behind! It is deemed more important to defend that champion of human rights, Robert Mugabe, in neighbouring Zimbabwe. No wonder the law abiding citizens of South Africa are totally dumbstruck by the idiotic views and antics of their politicians.

The callousness of South Africa society is once more illustrated by this article.

Gerrie Hugo is a South African living in Sweden who considers polka dot suspenders with a belt and matching clip-on bow-tie the height of fashion. Visit his Blog:



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