Actually I disagree. It may not have the drama of broken bones in the skiing department. Nor the drama of Ice hockey. And certainly none of the Foo Foo involved with Ice Dancing, Singles, doubles, or small dogs with skates on their paws and are wearing a Tutu!

Curling is a simple pastime. At its most basic level the only extras needed are a case of beer, and some good humor. You do not need Lockheed Martin to design special stealthy outfits. Just ask the US Speed Skating team about that one.

Curling is a gentleman’s game, or a ladies game. It is conducted with style and respect for the opponent.

It was with great pain that I read this article, clearly written by an idiot.

Most rival nations tend to cherry-pick the best players for one elite team, which receives all the funding from that country. Britain, for example, lavished 5 million pounds ($8.4 million) on its top curlers in the last Olympic cycle. Russia and China have similar elite teams.

Umm, I think you are talking out of a rear orifice.But it is OK to field Professional Hockey or Basketball players in the games? To the best of my knowledge there are no Professional Curlers.

Do countries cherry pick a team? This is possibly the stupidest question I have ever heard. Nope, they pull the names out of a hat! You would have to be as dumb as a rock to even ask the question.

To pick on Curling just shows a lack of knowledge and common sense. Pick on the Bobsled folks, BMW have their logo all over it. Pick on Lockheed Martin over the less than great body suits for the Speed Skaters. Leave the GB Curling team alone.

Simon Barrett

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