Of course, if you have blood pressure problems, you may want to take precautions prior to checking out this new and free to use site, which allows you to search through $12 Trillion worth of federal government spending.

OMB Watch is responsible for making this information readily available to the average person, to each of us who regularly dig far too deep to provide the government money for a head-spinning myriad so-called services we don’t want (just how much is being spent on these seatbelt use and cell phone crack downs and check points, while violent and socially destructive crimes remain unsolved?), bizarre studies that are all too easy to pay for with other people’s money and not essential enough to attract private funds, art that is so hideous and devoid of attraction or merit that private dollars won’t support it, and the list goes on and on… Amazing, for example, how public school spending keeps going up and up, yet performance continues to be dismal and substandard, according to the government’s own reports. Here’s a bit of info on that from a column I wrote for Morality In Media:

“…data from the National Center for Educational Statistics tells us that just 29 percent of 8th graders were reading at a level deemed proficient in 2003. Only 23 percent were proficient at mathematics. Not even one-third of 8th graders could write at a proficient level and a mere 15 percent were found to be proficient in American history.” 

FedSpending.org makes it easy for you to have government spending information at your fingertips. Thanks to the Intrernet, you can within minutes write to your so-called representatives and challenge the wisdom of their pork spending and make clear your displeasure, confronting them with specific facts. Ah, isn’t life in the information age just grand!

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