It has been reported that a meeting of the justice ministers of EU has  agreed that using the Internet to publish bomb recipes or call for acts of terrorism to be committed should count as a criminal offence. The members have agreed to introduce the law to recognize “public provocation to commit a terrorist offence, recruitment, and training for terrorism” which would be punishable “also when committed through the Internet.” as a new kind of offence.       …Report

In the Indian Context, IPC-defined crimes are already extended to Internet based activities and hence no specific law may be required. However, since GOI is now trying to introduce the clause on “Cyber Terrorism” in the proposed amendments to ITA 2000, it may be possible to ensure appropriate provisions to be introduced in ITA 2000 to remove any doubts whether such offences are in deed covered by Indian law.

In view of the  interpretation in certain quarters of law enforcement that  offences  not specifically covered under sections of  ITA 2000 donot come under their jurisdiction and the consequent failure to provide protection to the citizens against such “non ITA-2000 Cyber Crimes”, it may be worthwhile to introduce a fresh clause in ITA 2000 Amendment Bill 2006 to the effect that

Sec 66B: (i) “All offences under any other Act in India committed with the use of Electronic Documents or where an Electronic Document is a target of offence shall be deemed to be also offences under this Act with the same quantum of punishments as proposed in the respective Acts.

(ii) Offences under para (i) above shall also be deemed to be contraventions for the purpose of Section 43 of this Act “


We urge the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to take this into account while re-drafting the amendments as suggested by the Parliamentary Standing Committee which suggested introduction of a clause to curb “Cyber Terrorism.”  Naavi of  


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