News Item:
China opens worlds largest public restroom

Chongqing, China, has one for the books, the Guiness Book of Records, that is.  Spread out over 30,000 square feet, rising four stories above the street, and encompassing 1,000 toilet stalls, is the biggest, gaudiest, and we think creepiest bathroom on the planet.

China has a lot of people, no doubt about that.  With well over 1 billion people in country, it’s not too far fetched to think that a thousand folks, all in the same place, might all have to ‘go’ at once.  The new multi-flush facility, however, is located in a tourist area the Chinese call Foreigners Street, so it apparently was designed with foreigners in mind, and this is what bothers us, juuuust a little.

Do the Chinese really think we would be drawn to the idea of urinating in… well… the picture below says it all.  Then click the link that leads to CNN, and take a gander at where you’re supposed to wash up when you’re finished [it’s number 2 in the slide show].

Pop art…? maybe.
Where East meets West…? more like a cultural miss.
Weird…? oh yeh, no doubt about that.

News Source: CNN

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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