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There is a new kid on the China SEO Block! Well, actually it is a group of old hands who have pooled their talent to create a powerfully needed new company: Culture Fish Media.

CultureFish Media personalizes their China-US business partnerships with emerging and established companies to create recipes for growth in new market media using language and approaches sensitive to local tastes. CFM is a talent trust of friends dedicated to introducing ethical and passionate ideas effectively and sensitively into any cultural medium through Cultural SEO (CSEO) and SEM.

Culture Fish came about after I tried to place a few ads for an Israeli firm with Baidu’s local office. After two months of diligent communication, in-house training from Baidu for me and a group of digital interns, and several face to face visits with the ad manager. Tracking statistics were off, communication in English was impossible, IT changes could not be effected by the regional office and the Guangzhou branch refused to give me the number of the International sales office–actually they said they did not have the number…Lost it I guess.

About the same time a Fortune 200 company emailed me and said that the had tried repeatedly to contact Baidu by email to no avail. Several months and 80 some phone calls later , by me and various native Chinese speakers, I landed a meeting with Baidu HQ in Beijing. I took a savvy interpreter with me. In America I would have gone to the confab with guns blazing, but my translator assured me that I was dealing with incredibly nice people and it turns out she was right.

In their modest offices I learned that Baidu was self-effacing about their ability to communicate in English and anxious to find ways to capture and maintain International traffic. And part of the problem was that western SEO firms had a long history of misrepresentations to the International office. They had lost faith in promises of culture hopping fortune seekers. Having 60% of the search market in China tend to make bets on unknown entities a second thought….

It has taken a lot of diligence, patience and sincerity to build a solid foundation with a company essential to the success of any marketing program for a western company looking for business in China. We plan on a long and mutually prosperous relationship with the good people of Baidu.

We have also secured many other solid connections like the one we are fostering with Madhouse, China’s leading mobile advertising group and Alibaba the world’s largest B2B portal. All of them have been a delight to work with and understand that we not only know the Chinese market, but the sub-markets inside of China, so we will create higher ROIs for clients and creaste higher return advertsing statistics for the service providers.

(We have also initiated contact with Tencent of QQ fame, but it may take a regional conference with the dozens of lieutenants in their decentralized command structure to get very far with Tencent.)

So, as a result: a new standard in digital advertising in and from China has opened for business: CultureFish Media has joined together the world-class talents of an artistic and tech-savvy team to create culturally sensitive SEO (CSEO), SEM,Branding and Identity Management, Social Media Marketing & Tracking, Content Creation and Management in multiple languages, Ad Campaign Management: Print, Film, Digital,Interactive and Conventional (PPC, Banner, RSS, CPM…) Marketing while providing cost saving analytic Reports and ROI Maximization for emerging and established companies.

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CSO, a new approach in on line content management and advertising and involves: Culturally Sensitive and Appropriate Keyword Programs for Countries and Targeted Regional Campaigns, language specific writing and editing, native translation and foreign language content management like website translation services,

CultureFish, whose clients include pizza parlors, camera shops, vacation clubs universities such as Cal Poly and Fortune 500 concerns like Oracle, can: Design Logos, Banners, CSS, and Total Campaign Management including China Web Design and other International Set-up, Email Campaigns, Feed Management, PR Releases and Optimization and Interface and partnerships with country portals and ISPs like the above mentioned Baidu, Naver, Alibaba, and Madhouse. We count as a bad investment as they are pretty busy spending Google investment monies to answer business development calls,

CultureFish (文化鱼), via its slogan, “如鱼得水” (Like a fish in water), implies skill and dexterity at a task. Our English slogan, “Making Digital Waves,” speaks to our use of sophisticated content management, cutting edge networking, interactive and visual media, paid ad campaigns, organic search empowerment and public relations to pursue excellence through new media that will best reach consumers in their native tongues. The team, together fluent in more than 10 languages, offers world class services to bloggers, SMEs and multinationals in any geographical region.

Each member of our diverse team, hailing from America, Canada, China, Israel, and Singapore, is ethically and socially bound to best practices in SEO/SEM, and all aspects of business. Some profits are set aside for environmental and humanitarian causes: The , Charity and Overseas Education site The Blog of Dreams, our digital internship program, the online Olympic Souvenir Store for shopping online in China are three such projects. CultureFish will always provide generous time and talent to nurture promise, especially in individuals or enterprises facing socially difficult challenges or, through our affiliation with the China Business Network, SMEs doing business in China and other important digital markets.

Some statistics that caused us to re-think and re-tool culturally targeted marketing in China:

  • More than 80% of Chinese Internet users first native language search engines to find information before looking at western generated Chinese
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) costs are still remarkably cheap for culturally and behaviorally targeted keywords in Chinese Search Enginesv
  • Up to 85% of US searchers ignore paid listings while only 65% of Chinese searchers ignore ads
  • 80% of the top natural (organic) listings in Chinese Engines get click throughs
  • Natural (organic) search results convert 30% higher than PPC.
  • Over 98% of clients advertising abroad have not consulted with a cultural SEO/SEM specialist
  • ROI for clients working with culturally targeted marketing campaigns, paid and organic, is 20% higher on average than clients who do not use such services
  • Contact with CFM can be made here:

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