As you might have known from reading this blog; I am not a big fan of Diana at all. In fact I was sick to death of the bloody whinging Princess before she died. Unlike many other people my reaction to her death was: “oh f*** no, the tabloids and celeb culture have their first martyr.”

I have spent a decent amount of time in the last years attempting to help other come to terms with daft idiotic ideas of a conspiracy. I asked the simple question: “if the Palace was responsible what possibly could there to gain for the Queen?” Generally that shuts em’ up. If asked I profer ideas that if there were a conspiracy to get her and Dodi it would be far more likely to come from the Middle East. Think about it.

It was not the fault of anyone else that Diana was in the car; it was her own. She made a lot of rubbish decisions in her life that caused her own problems. Like rock or movie stars who make a mess of their life they should be derided or maybe even pittied but to idolise them is just idiotic.

Anyway I was not going to write anything about this anniversary, simply ignoring it and allowing the Princes the dignity of remembering their mother in peace. However its wall to wall bloody coveraged even on Fox and my good wife has even succumbed so I felt the need to make the case for those of who are sick of the whole sordid mess.

Say no to the Cult of Diana. Or to paraphrase a famous Monty Python line: “She was not a Saint; she was a bloody stupid young woman.”

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