Back in the 70’s a staple in the average British Pub was eggs. Of course the average English Pub was not your  Denny’s 3am adventure. The pub was into beer not fine dining, if you wanted that, well there was a ‘Fish N Chip’ shop not far away.

There tended to be only three ways of having your egg in the regular establishment. No Sunny side up, no Over easy, and no yuppy omelette’s. Eggs were a serious business. Better still they required no effort. No culinary skills were required to bring the perfect egg to your salivating mouth.

The glorified Pork Pie is a good example.


All you have to do is slice off a slab, put a spoonful of Branston Pickle and you have food Nirvana. In this simple dish you have hit all of the major food groups. You have the Pastry, Egg, Meat, and because you are sitting in a Pub, the Beer Daily Nutrition values are all met.


In fact even the Vegetable aspect of a balanced diet, Branston Pickle is packed with fruit and veg!

The second option for the egg lover was the venerable pickled egg. Usually stored on display behind the bar, who doesn’t want one? A quick adventure with a spoon and a napkin, the pickled egg was yours.  In fact, if you were among the chosen few, there might be a gallon jar of eggs that were ‘aged’. The longer they had in the Malt Vinegar, the richer the flavor. I suppose it is similar to talking about aged Single Malt Whiskey.


The third and in my mind crowning glory of the egg in a Brit pub is the Scotch Egg. In one simple structure you have an entire meal.


It had been over thirty years, but I just the taste for a Scotch Egg. I was on a mission!

There are many variations, but I wanted to make something that my wife would eat, so I dumped some of my favorite things.

I just went with the basics:

1lb of breakfast sausage
4 hard boiled eggs
Seasoned bread crumbs

This is hardly a large list of ingredients, but it was what I used and it turned out quite well.

I boiled 4 eggs for about 12 minutes, then begged for help to get the shells off, My wife did the dirty work!

The ground pork that I had bought was the cheapest store brand. I have to say that it was not quite what I expected. It was mushy and hard to get along with. But the addition of some bread crumbs fixed the issue.

So take a ¼ of the meat stuff, and flatten it out on your hand, grab an egg and wrap it up with the sausage meat. Then give it a good roll in the bread crumbs. It makes the evil sticky ground pork much easier to deal with.

At this point I made a cooking decision. The official line was that I was putting them in the freezer to set up, but the reality was that I just wanted to sit down for a while.

Actually the plan worked. After 45 minutes they had indeed become much better objects to deal with.

The traditional cooking method is deep frying, but I am not a fan of deep frying anything. I went for more of a shallow fry. Turn them every minute for 8 minutes, and they are done. These critters are best served cold, so back in the frigerator they go.

The end result was actually quite good. I added no seasoning, although the breakfast sausage was ‘mild’ I was sure that it was loaded with salt, so there seemed little reason to join  the party.

To make the taste Rock ‘n’ Roll chop up some of your favorite fresh herb into the ground pork. I like sage or rosemary. Scotch Eggs are simple and yummy!

Unlike most of my culinary adventures, this one is hard to mess up. About the only way that I think it could be done would be hard boiling the eggs in the Microwave. Place 4 eggs on the ‘turntable’, set it on high for 5 mins, and watch the fun!

Simon Barrett

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