I prefer not to write celebrity gossip blogs about Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. I feel bad even mentioning their names in this post. I am only mentioning it so that I can say that I’d rather write celebrity articles praising the celebrities rather than poking fun at their faults. Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. gives me the chance to do this with the heroic actions he took on Memorial Day to save a young man’s life.

According to sources, the Oscar winner had pulled up to Roscoe’s House of Chicken n Waffles in Hollywood to pick up a Memorial Day dinner for his family. While out in his car, he heard four gunshots. Then he saw a young man, about 20-years-old holding his head so he got out of his car and walked toward him. He saw the kid bleeding from his neck and collapsed. He called for towels, and when someone came back with a wad of paper towels, he ordered for real towels to be brought to him. Once he treated the victim’s wound, he then hailed a passing police car and waited with him until an ambulance arrived. It has since been reported that the victim’s condition has improved since. He still remains in the hospital.

Of course, everyone can say that they’d stop to help someone in need, especially if that person is standing right in front of you. But, if you think about it, Gooding didn’t know if the gunman was still around when he got out of his car. He didn’t know how what kind of condition the young man would be in and if he would have the stomach to be able to help him. He could have just called the police and stepped back to let others help him. But his active efforts to help this person is inspiring. Hopefully, there will be more stories like it in the future.

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