Planet Toys has had to remove two of its CSI based toys from the shelves over fears about asbestos. A number of watchdog groups and campaigners have been lobbying over the toys, and CBS has now asked Planet Toys to remove the two CSI kits from the shelves. The two kits that have been pulled are CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Fingerprint Examination Kit and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Field Kit.

According to reports the fingerprint powder that is contained in the kits could contain asbestos. The report states that during the testing of five kits the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) found asbestos present in the powder in all of the kits tested.

However, there is controversy over the issue, as the testing carried out by Planet Toys showed that there was no asbestos present in the powder. Planet officials stated that its own test were “conducted by a leading asbestos testing laboratory in upstate New York.” The also claim that results showed “there was no asbestos detected in any of our kits tested.”

The report also states that the parties involved are working together to look at protocols for further testing. However, for now there is debate over whether the kits do actually contain asbestos.

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