In my quest to develop a slightly stronger stomach – like my mother, who as a biology lab assistant could eat a sandwich from one hand while doing a dissection with the other – I have occasionally attempted to raise my gross-out threshold by watching one or anther of the CSI shows over dinner. Not much luck with that, I’m afraid, I remain as hopelessly lily-livered as always… while still enthralled by the science and the solving of intricate puzzles. Season Three of CSI: New York delivers all those qualities; uncomfortably gruesome realism, criminal doings and forensic puzzles, among the denizens of New York. All that is wrapped in sophisticated production values, well worthy of a theatrical release, and performed by a top-notch cast. Gary Sinese is one of those relatively few actors, like Gene Hackman, who can star in a movie or a television show while at the same time being absolutely convincing as an ordinary working guy.

The extras in this set include commentaries for the episodes “Not What it Looks Like”, “Oedipus Hex”, “Silent Night” and “Consequences”. There are four special features included. “Hill Harper Explores the Body Farm” –which in the spirit of truth in advertising, is exactly what it says. Be warned, I couldn’t watch past the first five minutes or the second corpse, which ever came first. I’m sorry, liquefying human remains in a plastic wheelie bin was much more gruesome than anything I wanted to see over my dinner tray. The other features were a little easier to handle, although still pretty gory: Those were “the making of” features, each focused on the curious aspects of specific episodes. Whoever would have thought of secret codes imbedded in custom-printed tee shirts, or that the “Suicide Girls” is a performing group and a lifestyle. Only in New York, I guess.

CSI: New York Season 3 is available October 9th from Amazon, and other retail outlets.

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