Just about the time that I thought just about every possible variant on the TV cop/detective/crime solving show had been explored by the creative geniuses who provide our nightly broadcast television ration of pap, piddle and trivia –whoa – here came a show that tickled our Sherlock Holmesian/forensic knowledge fancy. Whoever would have thought that poking around with microscopes and spectrum analyzers and picking up little bits of fluff at a Los Vegas crime scene with a set of tweezers could be interesting? But yes, it was and has continued to be for going on eight seasons now and has given rise to a couple of variants set in New York and Miami. All three of the CSI iterations offer a distinct challenge to a viewer who possesses a decent ration of curiosity about puzzles and mysteries but a very, very low gross-out threshold. CSI season 7 mercifully let up a little on the really gross visualizations and focused a little more on the puzzles. Nothing I watched this season sent me gagging from the room, so either they let up or I have gotten a little more used to maggoty corpses.

Three of the special features in this collection focus specifically on episodes which made season 7 stand a little apart. The first is a ‘making of’ “Built to Kill” a two part episode set backstage at the astonishing Cirque d Soliel, another covers the definitive stunt-casting of all time; Roger Daltry playing five different guest parts in “Living Legend”. And a third extra feature focused on the hunt for the “miniature” killer, which continued intermittently all though the season. I found the “Miniature Murders” feature to be especially fascinating, as I had built many inch-to-a-foot scale model interiors and buildings. Having a series of perfectly replicated half-inch-to-a-foot murder scenes showing up within hours of a real, full-sized murder offered a puzzle to Grissom and his crew that lasted all season and set up the cliff-hanging final episode. Very obviously, it would have taken an artisan of miniatures days and weeks to build such a detailed replica, and the feature made it very clear what a challenge it was, even with the resources available to a television studio. Other extras include commentary tracks for seven episodes, and a tour of the real CSI-Las Vegas offices; which, astonishingly enough, are very much more cluttered and not nearly as plush-looking as the series sets.

CSI – 7th season is available November 27th from Amazon.com and through other retail outlets.

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