The “flying imams” is now known around the world.

The “flying imams” have filed a lawsuit. We new this would come. It was inevitable, but as they cry wolf and CAIR backs up their felonious claims of mistreatment and profiling this will be a defining moment in our country.

Now, after almost 4 months of reflection and with cold-blooded determination, the imams and their CAIR handlers have retained the New York City firm of Mr. Omar Mohammedi who also happens to be President of CAIR’s New York Chapter. On March 4, 2007, Shqeirat vs. US Airways, John Does, and the Minneapolis Airports Commission was filed in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis. The media attention upon the imams, their history, and their lawsuit has been wide but not necessarily as deep as it should in such a publicized case.

Make no mistake. This lawsuit forces our courts and our community to firmly clarify our rules of engagement and the tools we can and cannot use to stay safe and maintain our freedoms. If this case is not thrown out early by the courts it stands to chill civilian reporting of suspicious behavior which will further embolden those who target our American citizenry—Muslim and non-Muslim. Frankly, it will also create a deeper wedge and greater fear whether based on reality or ignorance between the Muslim and non-Muslim community. Contrary to the CAIR spin machine and their sympathizers, this case is about much more than a few Muslim imams from Phoenix who felt their rights (to fly) were infringed by U.S. Airways and some passengers (John Does) who passed notes to the crew. It is about much more than such a simplistic view of the known facts.

As a nation, our collective response to this will be a defining moment in the articulation of our values, while also defining our priorities in defense of civilian America against the threat of militant Islamism and all those enemies who target us.

Our defining moment, our internal fortitude, credibility, and commitment to fight this dogmatic ideology, an ideology that has no respect for our laws and way of life will open a debate like none seen before. Muslims will challenge our American nationalism and it is our responsibility to protect that. The question is, at the end of the day, will we?

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