If you like Graphic Novels then Cry Wolf is a must, I would recommened it for ages 12 and older. Doug Crill and Daniel J. Frey out did themselves with the story line and the illustrations. The book is set in twenties in Chicago about the time Capone was making his presence known. They take history and twist it into fantasy when Detective Kurt Angelo gets hired to find an old friend from high school that went missing. He finds him in Borneo where there seems to be a rash of animal attacks. He finds his friend with the help of a guide, but his friend does not want to come back. Kurt recieves a warning about his friend but before he could leave he gets into a fight with a beast and when all was said and done the beast wounded him pretty good. This is where the fantasy comes in, so if you like gangsters and wolves and rooting for the good guy you will like this Graphic Novel. Cry Wolf is the first of a 4 book series.

The Author informed me that all 4 books are done and he is working on other books. You can pick it up here: http://www.crywolfgraphicnovel.com

Open Book Press’s (http://www.openbookpress.com) main goal with Cry Wolf is to target “Reluctant Readers” with Cry Wolf’s illustrations and comic book style I believe they will. If you are a reluctant reader because you do not have the time, or maybe you are board with reading because the books are to long then the Cry Wolf series might be for you. I am a relunctant adult reader myself and I enjoyed being able to complete the book in one sitting and I look forward to finshing Cry Wolf’s “Ghost of Sijan” The next chapter into the new life of Detective Kurt Angelo. To be continued….

Lisa Jones

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