I like Andrew Ian Dodge, he is an engaging character, and I have spent quite a bit of time chatting with him about this and that. In other words, we talk about nothing in particular. Recently he informed me that he planned on becoming a part of the ‘Tea Party’ demonstration, he had a bull horn, he was ready to go!

For those of you that happened to be in a nuclear submarine under the arctic ice at the time and missed the event, it was a gentle protest on April 15th. Many people feel that they are living in a regime of taxation without representation. It was a subject brought up in my interview with Art Woodrow last weekend.

Does it not seem that the government has created a bottomless pit? The more we do, the more we owe. The people that pay are the small guys, the people that benefit are the Harvard trained CEO’s driving the banking, automotive, and just about every other industry into the ground. ‘Too big to fail’ is the clarion call from our illustrious politicians. I know I am not to big to fail, if I don’t make the rent check Jan and I will be homeless, if we don’t pay the electric bill and phone bill, we will be without our basic method of making money.

Of course the ‘Wheels’ in Washington DC likely disagree. Their favorite food is Pork, Pork, and more Pork!

Of course that list does not include Joe Ordinary, the fancy checks go to the big guys. Us poor saps get nothing. It is the Harvard MBA experts that get the many billion dollar checks. Here is the problem I have, let’s say Joe and Marge have a home, they owe $150k on it, but because of this current situation their house is actually only worth $100k. Yes Joe and Marge should have thought long term before buying the house.

So the question becomes, if the feds have lets say $30k to spare, should they send it to Joe and Marge? Or should they send it to the bank? Joe and Marge have been doing their best to maintain their good name, and their credit rating. National Bank Of Doggy Doo on the other hand has done nothing but profit from misery.

OK, I’ll stop ranting, take a look at Andrew Ian Dodge and his great song Cry Freedom.

I like it, and you need this album. You can get it through CD Baby.

Simon Barrett

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