Scientology seems to be taking a real beating. Of course it it richly deserved. Not even the well known and world famous whacko that created the ‘church’ L Ron Hubbard would have signed up for the alien(ation) that the Scientologists are currently facing.

With the ‘Cruise’ ship Freewinds in dry dock (Yes the whackos oops religion have a ship), it is a typical ‘Cruise’ ship. Alas it has a little problem with Asbestos. And as a result the ship has been dry docked.

For months the Scientologists have faced a barrage online. The main protagonists being a shady group known only as Anonymous. The Scientologists have ‘Cruised” for years, litigating anyone that even says the word ‘Dienetics’
The Anonymous group are proving to be a real pain the butt for the cult. With no ‘bricks and mortar’ address the cult has no place to send the cease and desist order. Even worse, Anonymous has now moved global. It is one thing having a gnat nip at your butt. It is an entirely different deal to have a global assault.

The latest Tylenol inducing headache for the cult is happening in Australia. Hundreds turned out to protest. One has to wonder what the driving force is for Scientology. It certainly generates more hate than love. Popes are lauded, Arch Bishops of Canterbury are reverent, Scientologists on the other hand just seem to be nuts.

But maybe the biggest question is, if you are a religion, why do you have a (Tom) Cruise Ship? It seems a little over the top. Most church organizations I work with would be happy as clams to have a 14 foot sailboat.

Freewinds, what a great name for the rusty tub. Maybe they can use some of those handy dandy secret writings that they sue people over to remove the asbestos. I am confident that having a Sci-Fi writer at the helm, they are more than up to the challenge. Let me do some digging, did L. Ron Hubbard talk about Asbestos removal in any of the secret writings?

Simon Barrett 

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