I am a CNN junkie, and during the Iraq confrontations we got to see the amazing fire power that are used in the modern war theater. I watched grainy footage of large heavy objects hitting even larger objects, and I was in awe of the destructive power being unleashed.

Without doubt one of the scariest weapons I can think of is the cruise missile. It can be launched from a number of different platforms, and it can carry a number of different payloads depending on the mission.

The aerodynamics and control systems allow it to hug the terrain to avoid radar detection, and literarily come out of nowhere. The GPS and computer systems that guide the cruise missile are so good that deviation from target is measured in terms of feet not yards.

I found a video clip, which if it is authentic makes the cruise missile even more impressive than I thought.

This video supposedly was taken in 2003 over Baghdad, it shows not just one, but a whole bunch of them (I am not sure what a group of cruise missiles would be called, I like the term Gaggle, I think that has a nice ring to it!)

So here is a video of a Gaggle of cruise missiles.

Simon Barrett





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