I am a mother of two boys and I have three grandsons. To take one of these children and inflict any sort of pain on them would kill me. Unless it is just that I am different, I can’t imagine anyone that would harm an innocent child would be normal at all.

In the past two years I have been accused of a lot of things because of the things I write. I have never claimed to be a professional at what I write but I write from my heart, regardless what some think. Any child that is hurt or killed captures my heart and makes me want to reach out to them. I have been through this several times with cases in the past three years and I can say I guess I get a little too personal with some of them.

I really took the murder of little Caylee Anthony from Orlando, Florida to heart and I am still waiting for the day to come that the person responsible has been found guilty for the crime they committed.

We have covered Haleigh Cummings, from Palatka, Florida who disappeared 20 months ago. This case still remains a mystery. Haleigh has not been found and the law enforcement is considering it as a homicide yet they have not been able to charge anyone with her murder. Several of those involved have been arrested and charges with drug trafficking but none for murder. Are any of those arrested and sentenced to prison terms responsible for Haleigh’s disappearance? Some think so yet some don’t think so. Some wonder if now that the main players are in jail will Haleigh’s case go cold. I pray it doesn’t. I pray the world doesn’t forget Haleigh and that someday we will find out what happened to her. Where is Haleigh?

I covered the disappearance of Adji Desir, also from Florida. This little boy was outside playing in his grandmother’s yard with friends when he disappeared. He has never been found. No clues whatsoever as to where this child has gone. That happened a month before Haleigh disappeared. Will Adji ever be found? I pray that he is never forgotten and that one day he will show up at home where he belongs. Where is Adji?

These are only three cases of lost children in this world. There are thousands more so it would be impossible for me to name them all, even though I wish I could because each of them deserves to be remembered.

We have lots of children that have died at the hands of their own family members. I read almost everyday about another child that has died and one of their parents have been arrested for taking that child’s life.

Today I ran across an article about a woman from Michigan that has been arrested for throwing her 8 month old son up against the wall which killed the boy. The mother of little George Wilburn brought him to the Henry Ford Macomb Hospital, Warren Campus claiming that he was lethargic and unresponsive while staying at the boyfriend’s home. This baby was suffering from multiple fractures of the skull and he had several broken ribs and he had been bleeding from the brain. He had to be transferred to the Children’s Hospital in Detroit.

Police questioned the mother and some of the boyfriend’s family members who were in the house Monday. That is when they arrested the mother. While at the hospital she confessed that she had inflicted the injuries on this innocent baby. The doctors said that some of the rib fractures were new but it was obvious that this child suffered from broken ribs before.

The baby died at approximately 5:30 pm Tuesday after he was removed from life support systems. Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer said this was just so uncalled for and disturbing. He said, “It’s a monstrous act.”

The mother, 20 year old Harper Woods, was expected to be formally charged with the fatal beating of her little boy. This child didn’t stand a chance. One has to wonder if she did this to her 8 month old son, has she also hurt her 2 year old son at some time or another. I pray not and I do hope that since this has happened that the 2 year old will be removed from her custody and checked to see if he has suffered from anything too.

Many children suffer from child abuse that never goes noticed. Some survive it and some don’t. What will it take to put a stop to this? The world’s future is at risk when they start killing our children. Who will carry on this world if it doesn’t stop? I wish I had the answer but I don’t. I can only pray that someone will protect the children. If you know of anyone that abuses their child please report it. These children need help if they are going to survive.

I will close this with a request that you say a prayer for the lost but not forgotten children and the ones that seem to be forgotten as well. Pray for those that were taken from this world by no choice of their own. Pray for those to find peace. God bless them all.

Jan Barrett

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