Some say yes, some say no. The big dogs in the game are and, Both have successes and failures under their belt. There is nothing wrong with the idea, the sites offer a platform that can be used to raise much needed money for projects. Some projects involve electronics, some music, some video, and many that involve other areas.

I have watched the story unfold with great interest. Is it really possible to use Crowd Funding as a serious was of obtaining seed money for a product?

A while ago I met Mack Burleson, how or why our paths crossed is not relevant, but he is a character! Mack has a invention Macks’s Lid Lifters but like most inventors does not have the piles of money needed to bring the product to the mainstream. I gave it some thought and suggested that he might try the Crowd Funding route.

Let us take a step back for a moment. What the hell is a Macks Lid Lifter and why would anyone want one? I am a fan of simple stuff. Stuff that actually does something useful. For that reason I am the proud owner of no iThings, no iPhones, no iPads, no iPods, and the only Mac I have ever owned was a long coat designed to keep you dry in England’s somewhat wet climate.

I was intrigued by Mack, he did not try to sell me on technology, rather he talks about Drill Presses, Pipe Benders, and other bits of manufacturing exotica that mean nothing to a recovering computer geek like me.

One thing is clear, Mack Burleson is very serious about this project. He needs some help to raise capital to be able to buy product in bulk and upgrade his manufacturing equipment and facility. You can find his campaign here.

Mack also has a more frivolous side, let me introduce Merle the Squirrel.

Can Mack make his goal for funding? Well only time will tell. But I will say this, I admire people that have the ‘intestinal fortitude’ (guts) to try! The politicians talk about job creation and how 12 million jobs can be created in the next 4 years. Mack might only be a very small blip on the radar, but if he can generate a couple of jobs, he will be moving the country forward!

Simon Barrett

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