It was announced on Thursday that the Pittsburgh Penguins’ superstar Sidney Crosby has become the team’s new captain. This makes him the youngest captain in NHL history being 19 years and 297 days old. It took three requests, including before the start of last season and shortly after Christmas before Crosby accepted the position, demonstrating how seriously he takes the position. He had previously been made an alternate captain by coach Michel Therrien during his rookie year when he was 18. The team captain rank has been unfulfilled since Mario Lemieux retired in January 2006 due to a heart condition.

Now that his position as team captain has been established, the Penguins are now hoping to keep Crosby here by negotiating a contract extension on July 1. They hope for it to be a lengthy contract extending through his arbitration-eligible years and hopefully through his first few free-agent seasons. Before he turns 20 on August 8, Crosby hopes to be secured in a contract as well. When the previous record holder as the youngest captain, Tampa player Vincent Lecavalier, held out on his contract during the 2001-02 season, his title was stripped of him.

Crosby’s teammates are happy with the decision. Crosby even consulted a few of the veteran players before making his decision, hoping he can live up to the job. One thing Crosby has been working on is speaking his mind to the referees. Now that he is the leader, he must lead by example.

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