Recent release of the infamous “no fly” list resulted in a round of criticism from the mainstream media. One critique was that the list contained the names of dead 9/11 hijackers and, being dead, they were in no position to be a threat to anybody.

Oh, really? How comfortable would YOU feel if the person seated next to you on a plane was using the same name as one of the dead 9/11 hijackers? It seems to me not outside the realm of possibility that some terrorist might use the same name in order to, for example, give homage or reverence to the terrorists who came before. Furthermore, if somebody actually DID manage to get on a plane using the same name, and pull off an act of terrorism, it would be a humiliating act for our nation…that it not only happened again, but some boarded planes with the same names.

There are many valid critiques of homeland security arrangements, but to say it’s completely off base to have concerns about somebody boarding with the same name as a 9/11 hijacker is less than a valid critique.

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